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We found Bob Volk’s HHO Kits available on another HHO Kit site called This site has many HHO Ebook Reviews (Hybrid Water Power, Run Auto With Water, Gas4Free, Water4Gas and Run Your Car for Free) and Bob Volk’s HHO Generator Kits. We wanted to verify how this site operates and if they are there for the money or really an authority on HHO. So, we checked them out… They have been in business since 2003 and have been working with HHO for a few years. We contacted them via their online email form and they got back to us the same day. We talked via email for a few days on about HHO and they really know their stuff. They also have a HHO Forum that is very active with many professional HHO enthusiasts that are willing to help. This is a community of HHO geeks and you can ask questions along with helping others out as well. If you have any questions on HHO, this is where to ask.

There is also a FREE 7 day email course on this site as well. We signed up and all I can say is “WOW!!”. This is a great learning course on HHO. It spells out the basics on HHO and the types of HHO generators along with EFIE’s and PWM’s (Pulse Width Modulators). We got permission to host the “sign up” to the course on this site. So, on the left you can simply sign up to this fantastic course!

All in all, is a good trustworthy place to go for help. They even help people that didn’t even buy products from them (us). Now that’s service.

Later, we’ll start reviewing Bob Volk’s HHO Kits that he offers at his HHO site.

We’ve also added links on the left of our site to Bob Volk’s sites along with GCK.

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peter bardsley May 13, 2010 at 10:19 pm

Hi,Ive been researching hho 4 almost 3yrs.& bought 5 units 1 made in Aust.3>USA,1>Can.>2 are the old twisted wire,1 just poles that Has 2 have an additive,& the,1>plates still immersed in water,>the last a drycell, from hydroclubusa,which puts out about 15.amps.>>>>>>> I havent had any fitted yet as there isnt room in the enginebay of my van & my wife thinks it 2 Xperimental..Any info. will B greatly appreciated

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