Cheap (Discounted) HHO Dry Cell Deal

by HHO Reviews

** EDIT ***

The below offer has been over for almost two years now. Not to worry, the link below has been updated to a great HHO Dry Cell offer by Bob Volk!

We found a deal over at for a complete HHO Dry Cell made by Punch HHO for $220 off their regular price. This deal is exclusivly for the customers of their site. Punch HHO makes some of the best HHO products on the market so this is a screaming deal. This HHO Cell outputs 1 liter of HHO for every 10 amps of power applied. So if you apply 30 amps, it will produce 3 liters of hho per minute. The kit usually sells for $820 but through, you get it for $600. Also, if you live in the US or Canada, they will ship it for free!

To check out the deal UPDATED!!! We’re trying to get this offer going again but until then, visit this ┬álink: HHO Dry Cell

Also includes shipping within the United States or Canada.

~HHO Kits

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