Bob Volk and HHO

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We’ve been working with Bob Volk for quite some time and I wanted to share with you what we know his background, products and his company. He has been working with HHO for around 10 years now. He has designed and built thousands of HHO Generators and HHO kits for cars. Because of this experience and dedication, he decided to start his own company.  His intimate knowledge of HHO and engineering skills has given him the upper hand on designing the best HHO generators available.

Bob decided to sit down and write his own ebook on HHO. After over a year of writing his manual (and coming out with version two) he put it on the market at Clickbank (Clickbank is to ebooks as eBay is to auctions). This allowed him to market his knowledge of HHO to the entire world. Well, it worked. Bob’s product has now become a world wide success. I’ll bet every country in the world has thousands of cars running with his HHO product installed.

He has been sharing with me some of the testominioals he has received and they are REAL and impressive. Two of them are below. Select the image to view full screen.

Bob Volk also become the leader in the industry for complete HHO Kits that you can order directly from his website. These are the best generators on the market and he has thousands of satisified customers using his kits as well. So, if you don’t think you can build your own kit and simply want to purchase one and have it delviered to your door, then this is the way to go for you. He has complete HHO Kits along with all the necessary parts you may not be able to find locally. These kits save time as you can simply drop them in and go. Or you can simply buy the parts you need from him.

Here is a link to Bob Volk’s HHO Kit Site

Here is a link to Bob Volk’s HHO Ebook Site

I’ll update this post with photos later today.

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